• Bikes stored longer than 3 days after notice - will be charged R30/day. • Bikes are stored at customers own risk. • Bikes will ONLY be released once full payment is received. • All new parts are excluded from service prices.

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Major Service

Wash • Lube • Set Gears • New Gear Cables (additional) • Set Brakes
True Wheels • Align Drop-out
Strip & Service BB • Strip & Service Headset
• Service Report • Check Sealant


Minor Service

Wash n Lube , Set Gears
Set Brakes , Check Sealant ,
Overall Condition Report

What we offer

Major Service R795.00
Minor Service R550.00
Wash & Lube R 100.00
Fork Service R500.00
Lock Out Service R150.00
Shock Service R300.00
Disc Brake Service (Front Or Rear) R150.00 each
Linkage Service R300.00
Fitment & Setting Of Disc Brake R 100.00 per disc
Disc Brake Bleed R150.00 each
Setting of Gears R 100.00
Setting of standard V Brakes R 100.00
Strip & Re-grease Bottom Bracket or Hub or Headset R 100.00
Wheel Service (Wheel Balance + Hub Service) R150.00 each
Wheel Balance (Excl. Spokes or Nipples) R100.00 each
Wheel Build per Wheel R400.00
Strip & Rebuild of bicycle R950.00 (R450-00 for build only)
Build Bicycle From Box Minimum charge of R350.00. Dependent on the extent of assembly required
Minimum Workshop Charge R 100.00

Minimum Handling Charge R100
*All rates are for labour only and exclude any replacements parts.