January 26, 2022
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January 26, 2022
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Max Wax Chain Lube

Max Wax is made from the same base material as the top chainwaxes in the country, and then improved!

Why did it need improving? Some products were prone to clogging up with continuous use which some brands solved by adding water. This solved the clogging up issue but impacted negatively on lubrication and rust prevention.

At Max Wax we are using a natural tackifier, orange oil, to overcome these issues. With Max Wax, you only need to lube a little, once every 10 hours of riding, and the product is also nature friendly and fully South African manufactured and produced!

When to lube? The night before…Max Wax works best when given some time to dry and activate the tackyfier. Although you can lube up just before the ride, best results are achieved by doing it the night before.

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